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Certified Diamonds

Diamonds quality certification is strongly recommended to those seeking to purchase for investment.

The company offers certified diamonds by the leading international gemological institutes, GIA, HRD and IGI.

Besides the gemological institute certified diamonds, BlueWhiteDiamonds introduces the DIAMONDS CERTICARD GIFT. It offers accessible weight diamonds, F color (extra white), three different clarity levels (highest to commercial) sealed inside a blister with a declaration of all its features (weight, quality and purity), a customizable card with the company or shop logo and an informative brochure for costumer use.

It is presented inside an elegant packaging customizable box set.

Loose Diamonds

BlueWhiteGroup guarantees only safe sourced diamonds, always verifying the “conflict free” origin, in accordance with the United Nation resolutions.
All BlueWhiteGroup diamonds respects the Kimberly process, an accord draw up and approved by the govern of various nations and multinationals that produce and commercialize diamonds, that guarantee that the profits will not be used to fund civil wars.
With experience of over 40 years in the diamonds trade, the company disposes of a large availability of loose diamonds in various shapes, sizes and colours to satisfy any necessity.

The company is a leading diamond supplier to all manufacturers, artisans or traders who need to be served and guaranteed by professionalism and expertise.

Classic Jewelry

BlueWhiteGroup supports its consolidated experience in diamonds a growing activity of “personalized design project”.

The company offers both a tailor made design service, a diamonds supply service and/or the production of every kind of jewellery, from the standard product to the one of a kind piece.

The company disposes of a selection of classic jewelry (tennis bracelets, solitaires, diamond necklaces) and designs on commission every kind of model, designed and realized ad hoc also to satisfy the most demanding client.
Thanks to the fusion between design, diamond department and the work of partnered Italian skilled artisans that are side by side with us, we are able to offer a complete and accurate service.

BWD manages to satisfy every possible request and, more often, astound going beyond the clients expectations.

Blue White’s team has also overcome important design project challenges submitted by the most heterogeneous international clients.


Quotation / Barter / Revamping

The acquired experience, allows Blue White Diamonds to could satisfy various services covering the initial design process, to the materials research ending in the jewellery production final step.

The company is divided in different departments (diamonds, research and development, design and production), composed of industry’s leading professionals.

Our client rely on our connaissance to commission the production of customized pieces or for revamping of démodé jewelry. Within our production clients we find some of the most prestigious brands, leaders in the world’s precious jewellery market.

In addition, Blue White Group gives updated quotations and the possibility to purchase loose diamonds and both antique and modern jewelry items.

Why BlueWhiteGroup

Methodologies / Insights

Blue White Diamonds has grown in time exploiting its philosophy, based on the constant curiosity and research to create a team able to satisfy any kind of request with professionality and speed.

The business is founded on steady research to always be competitive, both in diamonds sales and the jewellery production.

The Diamond department research and select diamonds worldwide ensuring competitive prices and quality. The Design department designs and realizes new concepts to be innovative and unconventional.

Our production department follows step by step the jewel creation maintaining both Italian skillfull artisanship and competitive prices.

About Us

BWD selects and supplies diamonds operating with the most important international diamond stock market.

Its partners, graduates from the most prestigious gemological institutes: GIA, HRD, IGI and are experts in the diamonds trade.

BWD proposes only safety source diamonds, in accordance with the United Nation resolutions.

Every diamond is an unique and unrepeatable nature’s creation and the combination between cut, carats, purity and color establish the uniqueness of every piece.

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